Results & Reports 2013

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• Web Footed Pund Wins (18-5-2013).pdf

• Fuller Wins The Day (11-05-2013).pdf

• Broc Reynolds Bags Medal (4-5-2013).pdf

• Peter Clowes is Top Serviceman (27-4-2013).pdf

• Courtney Casually Cruises (20-4-2013).pdf

• Stevens and Son Conquer All (13-04-2013).pdf

• Starick Snags Waste Medal (6-04-2013).pdf

• Steve Back in Town (30-3-2013).pdf

• Mackey Wins in a Canter (23-03-2013).pdf

• Aitken Bros Excel (16-3-2013).pdf

• Litchfield Wins Countback (9-3-2013).pdf

• Santa Clowes Constructs a Climax (02-03-2013).pdf

• Jennings Joins Winners (23-02-2013).pdf

• Jennings Leads the Field (16-02-2013).pdf

• Sumsion the Sexy (09-02-2013).pdf

• An Aitken Wins Medal (02-02-2013).pdf

• Pund and Cutting Excel (26-01-2013).pdf

• Stevens Wins Countback (19-01-2013).pdf

• Peter Jones Sets the Course on Fire (12-01-2013).pdf

• Senior Sumsion Shines (05-01-2013).pdf

2012 Archives

• Snow White leads Team White (29-12-2012).pdf

• Mikkee and Kenee have Victoree (22-12-2012).pdf

• Martin Wins Cooky Cup (15-12-2012).pdf

• Pund is the Match Day Champ (08-12-2012).pdf

• Scott of the Fairways (24-11-2012).pdf

• EMERALD Plate (17-11-2012).pdf

• Litchfield is Ba-a-ck! (10-11-2012).pdf

• Cutting a Golfing Swath (03-11-2012).pdf

• Seniors 4BBB Stableford (27-10-2012).pdf

• Starick is Club Champion (20-10-2012).pdf

• Club Champs in Huge Tussle (13-10-2012).pdf

• Cutting Leads for Club Champ (6-10-2012).pdf

• Fuller Wins on Grand Final Day (29-09-2012).pdf

• The Prof Wins (22-09-2012).pdf

• Rundle and Jennings Win Irish (15-09-2012).pdf

• Matty J Goes all the Way (01-09-2012).pdf

• Dave Aitkens Medal (08-09-2012).pdf

• Pund Pounds out a Win (again) (25-08-2012).pdf

• Aitken and Starick Win Canadian Foursomes (18-08-2012).pdf

• Emerald Wins Shootout (11-08-2012).pdf

• Hooray for Pund's Medal (04-08-2012).pdf

• Aitken Collars Cup (28-07-2012).pdf

• Aitken Scores Half Century (21-07-2012).pdf

• Adams Leads Winter Frolic (14-07-2012).pdf

• Clowes Captures July Medal (07-07-2012).pdf

• Pound for Pund A Cutting Win (30-06-2012).pdf

• Jones Boy Wins Foundation Shield (23-06-2012).pdf

• Starick Strikes Again and Again...(16-06-2012).pdf

• Martin Wins Long Course Title (09-06-2012).pdf

• Pund Wins Orion Monthly Medal (02-06-2012).pdf

• Soggy Starick Shine (26-05-2012).pdf

• Ecclestone Chisels out a Win (19-05-2012).pdf

• Ryan Aitken Scores (12-05-2012).pdf

• White Wins in the Wet (05-05-2012).pdf

• Bull wins Servicemen's Day (28-04-2012).pdf

• Martin mangles the course (21-04-2012).pdf

• Cutting-Fuller Combo Wins (14-04-2012).pdf

• Cutting Slices to a Victory (07-04-2012).pdf

• Cook Roasts the Field (31-03-2012).pdf

• Pund Pounds Out a Win (24-03-2012).pdf

• Martin and Town win Cup (17-03-2012).pdf

• Fuller Wins 3 Cup Event (10-03-2012).pdf

• Starick Stars for Medal Win (03-03-2012).pdf

• O'Brien Stars In Win (07-01-2012).pdf

• Courtney Cruises to Win (21-01-2012).pdf

• Aitken and Starick Win Foursomes (28-01-2012).pdf

• Courtney Cruises to Medal (04-02-2012).pdf

• Johnson Leads Summer Cup (11-02-2012).pdf

• Shannon Takes the Course Apart (18-02-2012).pdf

• Shannon snares Summer Cup (25-02-2012).pdf

2011 Archives

• The Real McCoy Stands Up (31-12-2011).pdf

• Would the Real Brian McCoy Please Stand Up (24-12-2011).pdf

• Captain Starts in Medal Win (04-12-2011).pdf

• Emerald Plate 2011 report (27-11-2011).pdf

• Martin Yeats Wins Club Championship (22-10-2011).pdf

• Broadway wins October VGL medal (09-10-2011).pdf

• J Marsh (25MFA) floats to victory (02-10-2011).pdf

• Irish Stableford win by Degering and Aitkin (19-09-2011).pdf

• Darryl White puts Graham to the Sword (28-08-2011).pdf

• Dean Aitken dominates with 45pts (21-08-2011).pdf

• Wayne Wayne Degering stars with 37pts (14-08-2011).pdf

• Hot August Golf by Stevens (07-08-2011).pdf

• Broadway wins Sam Richie Winters Cup (31-07-2011).pdf

• Winter Cup Round 2 (23-07-2011).pdf

• Curtain call for Broadway (17-07-2011).pdf

• Ryan Aitken Wins Again and Again and Again (10-07-2011).pdf

• Emerald Golf Club Matchplay Championship 2011
  2nd round matches (09-07-2011).pdf

• Marsh Mashes the Mob (03-07-2011).pdf

• Stevens wins Foundation Shield (26-06-2011).pdf

• Hill Climbs to the Top (12-06-2011).pdf

• Clowes in a countback wins June Medal (05-06-2011).pdf

• Scott Leaves the Field in his Wake(28-05-2011).pdf

• Bob Kennedy wins servicemen day (21-05-2011).pdf

• David Mackey Triumphs in May Stableford (15-05-2011).pdf

• Sumsion and Geeves win Emerald Cup (08-05-2011).pdf

• Aitken the Younger Stars (01-05-2011).pdf

• Aitken the Elder Dominates (24-04-2011).pdf

• Broadway Stands Alone (17-04-2011).pdf

• Jones Boy Dishes up 48 Stableford Points (10-04-2011).pdf

• Whitlock Ferrari wins April VGL Medal (03-04-2011).pdf

• Shannon Wins Stableford on Count Back (27-03-2011).pdf

• Marsh & Jennings win A & S Wee Trophy on countback (19-03-2011).pdf

• Stableford 46pts Win for Fuller (14-03-2011).pdf

• Stevens Stands Tall For March VGL Medal (06-03-2011).pdf

• Clowes wins Summer Cup Duel (27-02-2011).pdf

• Clowes, McCoy & Starick in Summer Cup Showdown (20-02-2011).pdf

• Clowes Finds His Golfing Clue (12-02-2011).pdf

• Rain Reigned Overall (06-02-2011).pdf

• Father & Son Combo triumph in Foursomes Championship (29-01-2011).pdf

• Mackey Minces the Field (23-01-2011).pdf

• Young Stevens Takes First VGL 2011 Medal (16-01-2011).pdf

• Badgery Bros Win (09-01-2011).pdf

• King Ken climbs to the Top (01-01-2011).pdf



2011 Club Championship Leaderboard - emerald Golf Club
Above 2011 Club Championship Leaderboards - Click to enlarge

Golf Leaderboard 2010 Emerald Golf Club
Above 2010 Club Championship Leaderboards - Click to enlarge


2010 Archives

• Carvill is King of Stableford (11-12-2010).pdf

• Whitlock wins 2010 Star medal (05-12-2010).pdf

• Carvill stars in Open Trophy (28-11-2010).pdf

• Team Degering Foursomes Champs (21-11-2010).pdf

• The Real McCoy Strikes! (06-11-2010).pdf

• Marsh Revels in Par Paradise (30-10-2010).pdf

• The 2010 EMERALD PLATE.pdf

• Steve Wins Medal of Medalists and is Back in Town (16-10-2010).pdf

• Adams Tops The Scoresheet (09-10-2010).pdf

• Jennings Wins Second VGL Medal (02-10-2010).pdf

• Carvill Carves up the Course with 40pts (25-09-2010).pdf

• Marsh & Clowes Victorious in Irish Stableford (18-09-2010).pdf

• Mark Starick Heads the Field with 41pts (11-09-2010).pdf

• Ryan Aitken Wins Again and Again & Again (04-09-2010).pdf

• Ryan Aitken by an Emerald Mile (29-08-2010).pdf

• Olinda Wins Challenge 2010 (22-08-2010).pdf

• Jennings Joins Winners List (14-08-2010).pdf

• Geoff Isherwood triumphs to win August Medal (07-08-2010).pdf

• Clowes Wins Long Format (30-07-2010).pdf

• Shannon Wins Sam Richie Winter Cup (25-07-2010).pdf

• Shannon Leads Winter Cup (17-07-2010).pdf

• Fuller Leads the Sam Richie Cup (10-07-2010).pdf

• Holland Blitzes with Nett 60 to Win July Medal (03-07-2010).pdf

• 2010 EGC Matchplay Championship16 QUALIFIERS.(pdf)

• Ecclestone Wins Foundation Shield (26-06-2010).pdf

• New Member Ryan Trumps the Field (19-06-2010).pdf

• Fisher's 49pts Unbelievable Win (12-06-2010).pdf

• Marsh Strides in with a Net 59 (05-06-2010).pdf

• Holland and Shannon Emerald Cup Champs (30-05-2010).pdf

• Hill Wins 3 Club Events (23-05-2010).pdf

• Watersons Wins Servicemen Trophy (15-05-2010).pdf

• Fuller Wins Par (08-05-2010).pdf

• Jennings Wins VGL Medal (01-05-2010).pdf

• Yeats Stars in Win (24-04-2010).pdf

• Ken Hill Wins again (17-04-2010).pdf

• Holland, the Cream that Rose to the top (10-04-2010).pdf

• Others Not in the Hunt (03-04-2010).pdf

• Stevens and Son win Cup (27-03-2010).pdf

• Captain Martin is Club Champion (20-03-2010).pdf



• Emerald GC VGL winning Pennant Team FINAL 30-05-2010.(pdf)






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